The Apocalypse of Foroze

The Apocalypse of Foroze is a massive episode currently in development by Quill and Red Yoshi. The episode was first announced in May 2010 and has since seen two demos.


The Apocalypse of Foroze was first announced in May 2010 and at that time, only two levels were complete. A small trailer was also released around that time. In addition, Quill discovered Red Yoshi and the two started to work on the episode together. Shortly, a demo containing all the levels of world one was released. Most people enjoyed this demo.

Afterwards, production on world two and three began and stopped for a while after Redigit quit SMBX. When he returned in September 2010, the project was continued and another demo was released in October containing World 1, 2 and 3. A lot of people enjoyed the demo due to the level design of the levels. The intro used for demo 2 became extremely popular and is still being used in episodes today.

Afterwards, work on the episode stopped for several months. Quill revived the project in May 2011 and has been working on levels since with Red Yoshi. The game will not have anymore demos and the next release will be the final release containing every single level.

Plot Edit

The plot in the Apocalypse of Foroze is slightly different to other Mario games, instead of the princess being captured by Bowser, Mario and Luigi are simply tired of rescuing her countless times and decides to explore the seas with a Toad Crew. Unfortunately for them, they sail right into a storm and the ship is destroyed, forcing Mario and Luigi to swim to the nearest isle. They land on the island, but something is not right about it. As they adventure through this mysterious place, they learn that Bowser is on this island with his son, Bowser Jr, and they are plotting alongside a higher power for something evil.