For the hammers thrown by the Hammer Suit power-up, see Hammer Suit.



NPC / Enemy

Hammers are NPCs thrown by Hammer Bros. and SMB1 Bowser. They are thrown in an arc-like trajectory. As such, they have poor horizontal range, but can be deadly at shorter ranges, many times hindering jumps. The hammers tossed by SMB1 AI Bowser have a higher ratio of fire than those of Hammer Bros..

Graphics Folder number: npc-30


  • The hammers are thrown by both NPCS. Modifying the hammer affects both.
  • If you code the hammers so they become invisible and friendly, you can make hammer-less versions of the NPCs above.
  • Hammers are projectiles, and can be found in the secret "Lakitus throwing lakitus" projectile tab.
  • The hammers that Mario and Luigi throw are different NPCs.