Jeff's Revenge

A screenshot from Jeff's Revenge.

Nope jeffs revenge is the most awful thing to date. If you have kids, please kill them before playing this. Dont foget to buy shirts at

Story Edit

The story so far. Billy the pooped ass is feeding the world pies...with no filling!!! Help the bits of toast eat a hole in Billy's plan before they die. If the layers does not succed...then thats the end...duh!!! :)

Progress Edit

Jeff's Revenge is still being worked on as of now. Fuck this is the poop. Man give me a splack of tube dust to fire goop-man.

Trivia Edit

  • Jeff is introduced as a playable character, yet there is no point in playing as him, play as the anus of star wars the flight to piplup instead, it can actually do something.